About Stephanie Dutton

Stephanie Dutton, founder of ATSSI, and the creator of learning to swim with  The Mind/Body Awareness Programme  is a highly experienced, accredited, and certified swimming instructor and aquatic therapist.

She practices a holistic approach, and brings an exceptional insight and creativity into aquatic movement and swimming. She specialises in working with fear of water, special needs, disabilities, sporting injuries, and meditative swimming for adults and children.

Stephanie has combined and beneficially interwoven the three disciplines that she practices; ASA, Shaw Method and The Alexander Technique into a unique teaching protocol, called The Mind/Body Awareness Programme.

Stephanie’s unique approach is designed to help you to swim calmly, and mindfully, which is conducive to physical as well as emotional relaxation.

Stephanie has earned an international reputation for her work in swimming, based upon her creative and skillful application of the principles of The Alexander Technique.

“This is truly the ONLY way to approach the water. Stephanie has truly mastered how to transform ANYONE into becoming a graceful dolphin. Whether you have a fear of the water or would like to improve your skills…she is the answer that you are looking for! The technique is proven her approach is gentle, thorough and taught with clarity. If there is any doubt, try her and I guarantee that your connection with the water will NEVER be the same.” Joe Hall, USA

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